Internet Marketing

Our highly skilled and dedicated online marketing team work to increase your conversions, repeat traffic, and expand your online visibility.

An experienced technical team armed with best-in-class technological know how at Trend Technology, undertake effective search engine optimization projects, to your website. Trend Technology contributes a lot in seo services world wide. Our SEO is aimed not just at improving your site’s search engine ranking, but also the complete SERP domination.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

As mentioned above On-page optimization is an aspect of SEO, Where by we optimize your website on various levels, to ensure that it sends the right signals to the search engines. On-page optimization is the base for any successful Campaign. Our services encompasses.

  •  Keyword Research and Analysis
  •  Content Optimization and Content strategy formulation
  •  Website Informational Architecture Analysis and Optimization
  •  Establishing a usable Website Navigation Structure
  •  Meta-Tag Creation and Optimization
  •  Improving Website Code and HTML Markup
  •  Integrating the website with Social Networks
Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

Off-page optimization is a science that helps you create authority for your website in your niche by making your online presence felt on the web in the right places. Our off-page optimization services are designed to harness all available techniques to generate this effect.

  •  Establishing Links to your website from authority domains.
  •  Creating Local / Global Business listings (Niche Directories, Google Places) of your Business to gain more credibility.
  •  Being a Part of the social network landscape (Forums, Blogs) who are influencing your niche.
  •  Following an engaging content creating and marketing strategy
  •  using Press Releases to make your presence felt on Online PR Media
  •  Harnessing social network space to do link baiting and viral marketing