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Do we use “cookies”?

To function correctly and offer the best possible user experience, the site requires your Internet browser to accept cookies.

How we use cookies

In order to provide our customers with powerful functionality, we developed our site using PHP, Java Script & MYSQL Database One of the benefits of using PHP & MYSQL Database is that we are able to temporarily store information about your visit on our server – a far more efficient method than passing information back and forth over the Internet between our server and your browser.

How do cookies work?

Cookies are files containing bits of text information which our server sends to your computer and vice versa (exactly like all other information received when surfing the Internet, except it is not displayed). This allows our server to communicate with your browser and maintain your preferences to enrich your unique shopping experience. The text information on your cookie correlates with the unique session number assigned to you when first accessing our site.

Cookies are nothing more than small strings of text and are incapable of doing anything malicious to your computer, and can be read only by the site which originally delivered the cookie. Cookies do not contain any information retrieved from your computer; they only contain information supplied during your specific visit to the site sending the cookie.

For more information on cookies, visit the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Security FAQ at For cookie settings within your browser, please consult your browser’s help files.